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Why update your electrical installation?

Does your old fuse board, Picture 1, look old and tired? Is it safe? Chances are, since your fuse board was installed, safety standards have changed, giving better protected circuitry to make your family safer.


Whilst there is no legal requirement for a consumer unit\fuse box change, the consumer unit provides electrical protection in your home, for both fire risk and electric shock. The latest standards and boards are designed to protect you, to the maximum protection available. If you can, you should have a consumer unit change / fuse box change to a 17th edition compliant one.  


Not all electricians provide the same level of workmanship. Do not believe all the hype from sales people, a board is very rarely changed for £200, have your circuits tested first so problems can be identified before the work starts and a fixed price for an installation can be given.


The board shown in Picture 2 is a replacement board installed by KWH Electrics as a refit to a fuse board when an extension was added. Protection is given on the old and new circuits, separated to provide better fault detection. All circuits are tested and test results provided. 


All work is certified, registered and building control notified as needed.


Picture 3 shows a recently completed installation at a new build 5 bed house with external power to garages, annex, shed, solar panels, bio farm etc.